beautiful secrets

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by Jamey Garner

A Bound Document Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Fine Arts

Approved April 2017 by the
Graduate Supervisory Committee:

Naomi Jackson, Chair
Rachel Bowditch
Robert Kaplan


May 2017


beautiful secrets, a movement art piece engaging the audience in the art-making, exists in the in-between, an indeterminable place, fluid like the water of Kiwanis Lake. The performers sang, danced and built an architectural environment with the help of the audience to create a transformational place betwixt here and there, day and night, death and life; an in-between land where the language is mystical and symbolic, and the water of Kiwanis Lake served as a symbol of transformation. Beneath the art was a method called Somatic Yoga Dance in which the performers trained in preparation for the performance. Below the method was a blessing in which beautiful secrets took root — a prayer for peace.


memories from the field: the choreography of field-based inquiries

Jamey Garner

01 November 2016

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In this paper, I discuss my field-based research in Tamil Nadu, India in the phenomenology of my embodied research and choreography. I am a dance artist and a large part of my process is to synthesize my life and cross-cultural experiences into the language of movement. Drawing from Andre Lepecki’s definition of the body as archive, I discuss my body serving as a repository for my Indian field-based inquiries. My body is the vessel; organizing, selecting, forgeting, remembering, and accessing information. I discuss negotiating the unfamiliar and the importance of liminality on my artistic process. The unknown allowing me to I carry what I learn, experience, eat, smell, love, hate, fear, desire — the experiences and memories of my time in the field — within my corporeal self. My body is the container holding the knowledge. Inside my person, the field-based inquiries synthesize into my own unique understanding of the field experiences. The results are the choreographed dance this is the dream before i die and the durational improvised pieces lemon lips in the house of tantra and mirrored.