beautiful secrets

What lies in the in-between?

An evening of interactive contemplative art for the entire family.

Please join us for this one night only celebration in our vibrant city.

There will be a visual art station, flowers, movement experiences, singing, drumming, and dancing. You are invited to join in the art-making!

Saturday, March 4, 2017 – Kiwanis Lake at Kiwanis Park – Tempe, Arizona – sunset (6pm – 8pm) – Free and open to the public

To find us at the lake, follow the sound of the drums. I encourage you to make your way to the east side of the lake by Cabana 3.

beautiful secrets, a movement art piece engaging the audience in the art-making, exists in the in-between, an indeterminable place, fluid like the water of Kiwanis Lake. The performers will sing, dance, and build an architectural environment with the help of the audience to create a transformational place betwixt here and there, day and night, death and life; an in-between land where the language is mystical and symbolic, and the water of Kiwanis Lake serves as a symbol of transformation.

Supported by Tempe Vibrant City Grant and the School of Film, Dance and Theatre, Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts, Arizona State University.

Performers: Jordan Klitzke, Yingzi Liang, Alexus Purnell, Molly Schenck, Sandra Schoenewald, and Jamey Garner. With Guillermo “Bubba” Faz on percussion.

Guillermo “Bubba” Faz

Musician / Folklorist

Bubba has studied the contemporary and folkloric traditions of the Afro-Cuban music, song, and dance for 40 years. He has studied with “Los Muñequitos de Matanzas,” Cuba’s foremost folkloric group.
Bubba is the musical director and co-founder of “Baile Brazil/Cuba Aché” presenting workshops, lectures, and performances for students from K – college through the Young Audiences Program, and was on the Artist Roster of the Arizona Commission of the Arts for 13 years.
Bubba’s credits with dance ensembles:
1984 – 2008 “Baile Brazil/Cuba Aché”
Co-Founder, Musical Director, Principal Drummer, and Dancer.
1986 – 1987 “Judith Justiz Afro-Cuban Dance Company” Drummer.
1986 – present “Rumbasón”
Founder, Musical Director, Musician, and Dancer.
1990 – 1993 “Maria Benetiz Flamenco”
1992 – 1995 Performance Duo with “La Concha”
Drummer and Dancer.
1995 – 1996 Workshops by Katherine Dunham, Drummer.
Principal Drummer.
1995 – 2015 “Barbea Williams Performance Company” Musician.
2004 – 2005 “Grupo La Fe” Musician.
2010 – 2013 “Zuzi Dance Theatre” Drummer.
2012 – 2016 Workshops by Rosangela Silvestre Drummer.
2013 – 2017 Collaboration with Jamey Garner


Jordan Klitzke is a professional dancer and choreographer whose work has most recently brought him to Mexico and Ecuador as a choreogropher, teacher, and performer. A Minneapolis, Minnesota native, he previously danced there with Christopher Watson Dance Company, ARENA Dances, Jeffery Peterson Dance, and Eclectic Edge Ensemble, among others. In January 2013, he relocated to Mazatlán, Mexico where he completed a 15-month residency at the Escuela Profesional de Danza de Mazatlán. While there he also created his own project-based company, La Gringa Danza, in December 2013 with a focus on creating collaborations between Latin America and the US. Recent professional work includes co-creating two original Minnesota Fringe Festival shows, Entre Nosotros (Between Us) and Judge Me. Hate Me. Love Me., and original works, La Parodia de La Culpa and Descierto, with the 11-member National Contemporary Ballet of Ecuador, which premiered in Quito at the National Theater and the Teatro de la Música, respectively. He has also recently taught multiple January-term courses at Gustavus Adolphus College based on the sharing of Continuum technique created by Mexican artist Omar Carrum along with the creation of the piece I Practice Not Feeling a Thing with 15 Gustavus dancers. Jordan is currently completing his MFA in Dance at Arizona State University.

Yingzi Liang is an MFA candidate at Arizona State University in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. She received her bachelor degree in Dalian University in China with a focus in choreography. After graduation she went to Beijing Dance Academy for advanced study. As a Chinese dancer studying in United States, she focuses on using metaphor as a tool in her dance creation and film-making. Currently she is investigating the differences between Eastern and Western culture’s use of metaphor, specifically addressing the metaphorical meanings of the colors black, white and red.

My name is Alexus Mercedes Purnell. I am a second year student at ASU majoring in Dance and Justice Studies. I have been dancing since I was little, but started training in all Urban styles my Freshman year at ASU. Right now, I am still training and starting to get more experience in the community by battling and ciphering at events. I have been in various shows here at ASU and still have more to come!

Molly W. Schenck is the founding artistic director of Grey Box Collective (GBC). As a solo artist, Schenck has choreographed and performed in IDA and HERAKLES with Orange Theatre Group, directed Finger Painting [for grown-ups] with Binary Theatre, and performed in the tiny dances series with Breaking Ground and Conder Dance. She earned an MFA in Dance from Arizona State University, and an MEd. in Higher Education and BA in Theatre from the University of Maine.

Sandra Schoenewald is a second-year student at ASU studying to receive her BFA in Dance with a minor in Geography. Sandra started dancing at the age of 3 in a small, family-owned dance studio in her hometown, Williamstown, New Jersey. Throughout her time there, she learned ballet, tap, theater, hip hop, pointe, and gymnastics. Sandra attended a vocational-technical high school where she furthered her ballet and modern technique. She has worked with ASU faculty, graduate students, and peers on projects on and off campus including Yingzi Liang, Jamey Garner, Sharon McCaman, Eileen Standley, Jessica Rajko, and John Mitchell. Sandra is currently interested in exploring composing in real time while taking influence from the environment, and she has interest in multimedia forms like film and soundscapes. She wants to make work revolving around relationships that people have with themselves, others, and the world around them.